How to Start a Successful Blog – Checklist

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How to Start a Successful Blog

How to Start a Successful Blog – Checklist

How to Start a Successful Blog

Starting a blog can be your first step to running successful website business. Most people get into blogging to make money. So this checklist was written for anyone who wants to blog about a specific niche and generate online income.

It's not hard to learn how to start a successful blog. Really, it's a simple process that anyone can complete—even if you don't have a technical background. The checklist in this video will include details on the following.

1. Blog Identity (What's the name of you blog, what is your niche and target market)
2. Domain Name Suggestions (How to find a winning domain name)
3. How to use Tag lines (Make your blog be remembered)
4. Company Branding (Get the word out about your blog)
5. Themes (How to use WordPress Themes)
6. Plugins (Why you need plugins)
7. Customization (How to get the most out of your blog)
8. How to Make Money Blogging (Monetize) – (Learn Ways to Make Money)
9. Must have pages (Every blog must have these pages to get started)
10. Sidebar Content (The type of content to add to your website sidebar)
11. Social Media Integration (Connect linkedin, facebook, twitter, youtube and more to your blog)
12. Writing Quality Content (Get your blog ranked high by creating quality content)

After you discover how to start a successful blog you'll be one step closer to blogging for money. Blogging can be part time or full time income depending on the time and effort that you put into your blog. Starting a successful blog for money has become a popular and reliable source of income for many people.

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