Are the Negative Traits of Your Zodiac Sign Preventing You from Reaching Your Goals

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Are the Negative Traits of Your Zodiac Sign Preventing You from Reaching Your Goals

Ask yourself, are the negative traits of your zodiac sign preventing you from reaching your goals? We all know people who show us the negative side of their sun sign. No one is perfect! The problem arises when people fail to accomplish their Business, Career, Financial or Personal goals due to their negative traits overpowering their positive traits. The following are some known negative behaviors that have been demonstrated by each of the 12 zodiac signs.

Share your thoughts and comment below by answering these 3 questions.

    1. What is your Zodiac Sign?
    2. Have the negative traits of your zodiac sign prevented you from accomplishing your goals?
    3. What have you done to overcome the challenges of your negative traits?
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Negative Traits
Aries often need to be encouraged, or they can become unsure and depressed.

  • Arrogant. Aries tend to be insensitive of others’ emotion since their belief that they know everything.
  • Stubborn. I am pretty sure you know this if you have an Aries close to you. This trait makes them hard to deal with!
  • Impulsive. And in addition, impatient.
  • Indiscipline. They are not the most organized people in the world.
  • Confrontational. Sometimes you’ll even have the feeling that Rams love to argue.


Negative Traits
The Taurus is completely resistant to change.  Taurus tend to use no more energy than is required to achieve something, and they appreciate the value of leisure.

  • Stubborn. Horns are horns, though they are easy going and respectful.
  • Selfindulgent. They tend to be rude and ignorant of others’ emotions.
  • Lazy. When not motivated properly, they won’t move even a muscle.
  • Materialistic. Mainly because their future is extremely important for them.
  • Possessive. We can say that this is the major negative trait of Taurus which leads to jealousy and resentment.


Negative Traits
Gemini’s need to accept and express the imaginative, creative side.

  • Lack of Consistency. It’s hard for them to stay dedicated to one thing for a long time.
  • Superficial. Twins don’t really pay attention to details.
  • Lack Decision Making Ability. Constantly on two minds.
  • Lack of direction. And they easily get bored.
  • Anxious. Gemini-born people tend to bite off more than they can chew and this results in anxiousness.


Negative Traits
Cancer people, by nature, feel emotions like a roller coaster, up and down and up again.

  • Moody. Cancer-born people tend to suffer from mood swings.
  • Pessimistic. Willing to abandon everything if they experience a failure.
  • Clingy. They sometimes find it hard to move on.
  • Overemotional. Imaginary hurts and setbacks are not rarely seen.
  • Suspicious. Again, imaginary fear.


Negative Traits
Leo people present themselves as being much larger than they feel inside. They tends towards arrogance and pride.

  • Headstrong. It takes a lot of convincing to change their mind.
  • Egoistic. Actually, their ego is so big that it stumbles them in their path to success.
  • Possessive. Prone to jealousy.
  • Dominating. Because he/she is the King of the Jungle, remember?
  • Impatient. I want it all and I want it now!
  • Arrogant. Self-centered. Because this is how a king should behave!


Negative Traits
Virgo people criticize themselves more than anyone else, feeling that anything short of perfection is not good enough.

  • Overcritical. This is because they already have a clear picture in their minds how the things should be done.
  • Fussy. Sometimes they get lost in the details.
  • Fastidious. Everything must be perfect!
  • Harsh. No sugar-coating.
  • Conservative. No modern ideas, please!
  • Judgmental. Because, as I said, everything must be perfect!


Negative Traits
The only decisions they can make quickly are those that they know don’t really matter, but deciding whether a decision is in that class or not may take some time.

  • Superficial. Can be so impressed by someone’s outer beauty that they can forget about inner one easily.
  • Detached. Sometimes they pretend to be pleasant just because they don’t want to displease anyone.
  • Unreliable. Prone to changing their minds and this is why they sometimes don’t keep their promises.
  • Lazy. Of course. Like the other air signs.
  • Indecisive. The hardest thing for Libra-born people is to make whatever decision.


Negative Traits
When feeling exposed and vulnerable, or deeply hurt, can become negative

  • Jealous. And even possessive.
  • Secretive. They just don’t trust people.
  • Resentful. Despite their look, a Scorpio can be hurt easily by negative treatment.
  • Manipulative. They love to dominate.


Negative Traits
Their imagination takes them beyond the rational. Sags are all about gaining the advantage, they will switch loyalties readily if they see that they can get ahead by doing so.

  • Careless. Prone to taking things for granted.
  • Tactless. Being honest is not a negative trait, but sometimes they overdo it.
  • Impatient. Sagittarius-born people often push the things too hard and they get bored easily.
  • Inconsistent. A consistent performance is something they find really difficult.
  • Over Confident. Because they think they are perfect!


Negative Traits
Capricorns need to learn how to see the good in things, their pessimism can make them seem untrusting to others and new things.

  • Pessimistic. Going against the odds is not something they like.
  • Stubborn. Goats do not easily change their views.
  • Shy. They enjoy only the company of their best friends.


Negative Traits
Aquarians do not respect authority or the opinions of others, and will need to research themselves in order to believe something that someone else is telling them.

  • Unpredictable. This sign will not follow any behavioral pattern.
  • Inconsistent. In fact, it depends on their mood.
  • Detached. Live and let live!
  • Stubborn. Though they are excellent listeners it is extremely difficult to make them change their mind.
  • Aloof. Sometimes they become distant for no particular reason.
  • Extremist. No middle path exists for them. All or nothing!


Negative Traits
Pisces need to learn to create personal boundaries in order to know what they are feeling.

  • Escapist. When the things go wrong, their luck is responsible.
  • Idealistic. Hence even the best sometimes seems like mediocre to them.
  • Over-sensitive. It is not hard for them to get very emotional.
  • Pessimistic. Especially when the things don’t turn out as they expected.
  • Lazy. Only for things that don’t matter to them.

If you can relate to the negative traits listed for your zodiac sign then comment below and answer these 3 questions.

  1. What is your Zodiac Sign?
  2. Have the negative traits of your zodiac sign prevented you from accomplishing your goals?
  3. What have you done to overcome the challenges of your negative traits?


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