Work From Home Opportunity Attraction Marketing Promotional Videos


Work From Home Opportunity Attraction Marketing Promotional Videos


Recruit Prospects Seeking Work From Home Opportunities

This video is excellent for generating new targeted leads for your business.

Key Benefits

  • Ready Made Videos
  • Includes Female/Male voice-overs
  • Affordable Price
  • Increase your Brand Awareness
  • Watermark Removed after Purchase
  • Add Your Website URL


$49.99 $25.00
$49.99 $25.00


Attraction Marketing Work From Home Opportunity Videos 

Generate New Leads With A Done-For-You Work From Home Promotional Video

Are you aware that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words? Customers are far more likely to make a purchase from a business that uses video because it establishes a level of trust. Now you can generate new leads and make your business stand out today!

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing means to attract customers and prospects to you by adding value, providing solutions, and creating content that addresses your target market's top challenges.

How Can The Work From Home Opportunity Videos Help Me Attract Prospects?

When people see your video asking them if they are seeking a work from home opportunity to earn extra income, it piques their interest. So, instead of you trying to sell something to them immediately, they are now asking you to provide them with more information. You are building a level of rapport and trust. When they opt into your mailing list or contact you after watching the video, then you should immediately follow-up and provide them with the information they requested.

What's Included

  • Full High Definition 1980p x 1080p video
  • Personal Use Video License (View License Terms)

Ways to use the Marketing Video

  • Promote the video on social media to attract targeted sales leads.(Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Send it to your prospects in e-mail and text.
  • Add it to a blog or landing page.


  • Attention Grabbing Videos 
  • Includes Female and Male Voice-overs
  • Targets people who want to work from home and make money online
  • Generic – Doesn’t Mention any Company or Product Name other than your own domain name
  • 100% Done-for-you marketing video.
  • High Quality, what you see is what you get.
  • Save time and money by eliminating the hassle of video production.
  • Videos help increase brand awareness to get the attention of your target audience.
  • Your business will appear more professional.
  • Videos are more memorable compared to other forms of advertising.
  • With the proper use, you can easily convey a message to your consumers.
  • Call to action so your customers know exactly what to do after the video.
  • Add Your Website URL (

Recruit Work From Home Promo Video #1

Attraction Marketing Video #1: This work from home opportunity video is great to upload on social media, your blog or to send via sms to recruit new prospects seeing a new business opportunity. This promotional video has a female voice-over, music, and lifestyle imagery to put them in the mindset of what it can feel like with extra income.

Whiteboard Work From Home Opportunity #2

Attraction Marketing Video #2: This work from home opportunity whiteboard animation video is great to upload on social media, your blog or to send via sms to recruit new prospects seeing a new a new job. This promotional video has a male voice-over, music, and background imagery. The video asks questions to make them think that if they aren't happy with their current work situation, then you have an opportunity that may help.

  • Personal use only (Read Full Terms)
  • Can be published online
  • Cannot be resold
  • No Refund after file delivery
  • Can not change domain name after file delivery unless it was an error on our end

.mp4 Full Definition 1980 x 1080p


    1. Q. Why do I need a video license? A. Our videos may include music and stock footage that other parties may own the copyright to. Purchasing a license from us ensures that you are protected against all claims.


    1. Q. What does the cost include? A. The cost includes a personal use license at a discounted rate and video branding. (We add your domain URL to the video)


    1. Q. Does the video include a watermark? A. No, the watermark will be removed on your branded video.


    1.  Q. What are the benefits of a branded video? A. Sharing a video branded with your domain name is a marketing method used to make sure that you get credit for the customer order or new team member. If you share a video that has another URL in it, then you risk losing a prospect by them going to the other affiliate’s website to place an order instead of yours. Branding our videos with your domain name is a great way to help you build your brand awareness.


    1. Q. Will you show me how to upload the video to YouTube? A. We will provide you with a video tutorial after your purchase is complete.


    1. Q. How to I contact support if I have questions? A. E-mail support is included with all purchases.


    1. Q. How long does it take before I receive my branded video? A. Our turn around time is 3-5 Business days (M-F), however, we typically deliver orders a lot sooner.


    1. Q. What format is the video delivered in?


  • .mp4
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080
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